A downloadable game for Windows

For the 2017 Short n' Sweet game jam!

Welcome to Humble Village, a serene and warm swamp little town. Bad things hardly happen in these parts! However, as an strangely early and harsh winter brushes over good old Humble Village, the people inside are in a panic. Someone has got to be behind this...

Play as a young frog as they go on an epic quest to defeat evil bears and ghosts, and hopefully stop the early winter!

- Made in RPG Maker MV

- This game is playable for all ages!

- The demo is about 5-10 minutes long

- If you are confused about any controls, there is a "Read Me" file enclosed inside the download

- Feedback and bug reports are welcome!

Thank you for playing!

Install instructions

(Keep in mind this demo currently only works for Windows! a MAC version will be released soon)

- Download the game

- Extract the zip file

- To play, open Game.exe

- Enjoy!


Frog Story [DEMO].zip 63 MB